Station SL Happenings

From Where to Here a San Leandro Art Exhibition

Local artist, Andrea Guskin, has won a grant from the City of San Leandro to create community-focused art events in a project called, From Where to Here. This series of events will run from spring through summer in a variety of San Leandro locations.  Her goal is to bring together different types of arts, cultures, and communities. Andrea's vision is to have these art events become regular monthly gatherings to bring people together in San Leandro.  The project will include a new interactive piece that will be created in part by people attending the progressive events, and displayed at the culminating community celebration. 

The opening event will be held at our very own Station SL on April 6th from 6pm-8pm, where there will be food, art, and live music featuring a flamenco guitarist and conga player!

Story Listening, Finding, and Telling at Work Workshop at Station SL

Anna Marie in our co-working space.

Anna Marie in our co-working space.

On March 15th, one of our co-workers, Anna Marie Trester will be hosting a workshop on storytelling in the workplace.

Anna Marie works on the educational front teaching applied communications and linguistics at the American University's School of International Service, while empowering others to tell their story at organizations like The FrameWorks Institute and Anecdote International. Anna Marie teaches her clients how storytelling can be used to bring awareness to social issues or organizational relationships.

At Station SL, you can typically find her working on projects that involve storytelling for social change. But in the coming week, she'll be sharing her expertise with the community in a workshop that helps people be more effective in building connections with colleagues, clients, and collaborators.

Come join the interactive experience to help you recognize and promote stories that highlight your skills, gifts, and abilities while showcasing the unique ways in which you solve problems in a work environment.

Sign Up!

The workshop is on

Friday, March 15, 2019, from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

You can sign up on Eventbrite

Fresh Art in San Leandro...Here at Station SL!

Station SL was happy to host Pulling Together: Create Lab and Art Opening last Saturday, November 3rd.

Yes, fresh art is available in San Leandro!

Andrea Guskin, a local artist, hung several new pieces in the gallery space here at Station SL.

The artist, Andrea Guskin (left) and friend.

The artist, Andrea Guskin (left) and friend.

Using the mediums of paint, fiber, photo transfers, wood and ink - Guskin’s pieces are subtle and organic.

In addition to the art opening, the family-friendly event also included kids’ activities.


In the spirit of Election season, Station SL’s phone booths were transformed into fantastic faux voting booths to encourage the kids to learn about their civic duty and remind the grown ups to get to the polls on the 6th.


If you want to see the exhibit, come on by and ring our bell. We’d be glad to show you what’s on the walls!


Station SL Hosts Rotary Business Development Showcase Mixer

Last Thursday, Station SL hosted Oakland Rotary #3's Business Development Showcase Mixer - an event full of workshops, learning, and networking with over 40 business professionals. Delicious food was provided by Ask a Spoon Catering.


Station SL is ready to host your next event!


Station SL Becoming a Reality!

Over the last few years, the City of San Leandro has been gaining a reputation as a city of innovation. The city is rooted with its renewable energy initiatives, advanced manufacturing companies, notable areas like the Truth Is Beauty statue at the new tech campus, and installments such as the newly installed fiber optic WiFi network in Downtown. But in the midst of it all, there's been an unmet need of working professionals in the area. Other than local cafes and other random miscellaneous work areas, there's been no central workspace for professionals.

That's where we come in!

Station SL is San Leandro’s first downtown coworking space. We pride ourselves as a community-focused coworking space serving working professionals looking for a great work space and community.




Full car_Station_SL_03_18-181.jpg

We have desks, chairs, and super fast internet! We just need you!

Opening May 1st!

Contact us for a tour —

1455 Hays Street, San Leandro, Where Creativity Happens.