Station SL Happenings

Fresh Art in San Leandro...Here at Station SL!

Station SL was happy to host Pulling Together: Create Lab and Art Opening last Saturday, November 3rd.

Yes, fresh art is available in San Leandro!

Andrea Guskin, a local artist, hung several new pieces in the gallery space here at Station SL.

The artist, Andrea Guskin (left) and friend.

The artist, Andrea Guskin (left) and friend.

Using the mediums of paint, fiber, photo transfers, wood and ink - Guskin’s pieces are subtle and organic.

In addition to the art opening, the family-friendly event also included kids’ activities.


In the spirit of Election season, Station SL’s phone booths were transformed into fantastic faux voting booths to encourage the kids to learn about their civic duty and remind the grown ups to get to the polls on the 6th.


If you want to see the exhibit, come on by and ring our bell. We’d be glad to show you what’s on the walls!