Station SL Happenings

From Where to Here a San Leandro Art Exhibition

Local artist, Andrea Guskin, has won a grant from the City of San Leandro to create community-focused art events in a project called, From Where to Here. This series of events will run from spring through summer in a variety of San Leandro locations.  Her goal is to bring together different types of arts, cultures, and communities. Andrea's vision is to have these art events become regular monthly gatherings to bring people together in San Leandro.  The project will include a new interactive piece that will be created in part by people attending the progressive events, and displayed at the culminating community celebration. 

The opening event will be held at our very own Station SL on April 6th from 6pm-8pm, where there will be food, art, and live music featuring a flamenco guitarist and conga player!