Station SL Happenings

The "From Where to Here" Art Exhibition Continues

On April 6th, Andrea Guskin launched her three-part art series called, From Where to Here, at Station SL in San Leandro.  


Station SL was transformed into an arts center displaying artwork created by Andrea and the public.  The evening also featured live music from locally acclaimed musicians.


The interactive art created by participants focused on how their families journeyed from their homelands to San Leandro throughout the generations.  Andrea's goal is to bring people together through art and to explore how sharing our personal journeys allows us to see what we have in common.


Andrea’s project will incorporate pieces from this first event with two more events running through summer.  The project is funded by a City of San Leandro grant to create community-focused art events. Keep an ear out for Andrea's next art exhibition here in San Leandro.