Hot Seat Memberships

Change your perspective

Tired of looking for a seat with a place to plug in?  Or maybe your business needs to move out of your living room and into a place where you have a more professional perspective. 

We have you covered.  


Collaborate or Concentrate

You're a hardworking, independent professional.  You like to focus on your projects and need the space to do it.  Station SL has the place for you.   


We have plenty of ergonomic seating with wide work surfaces.  Perhaps you prefer a window spot.  You can work there.  


Station SL offers refreshments for our members - caffeinated and non-caffeinated.  You can jump start your day with fresh coffee or tea, then settle down to a productive work session. There's also a community kitchen to chill your bag lunch if you are economizing to save up for that next step.  

We now offer two types of hot seats:

  • Monthly hot seat, for when you really want that office feel Monday through Friday.

  • 5-days-per-month membership…for those who only need one day a week or one week a month!



  • Dedicated space hot seats…because you like having that particular spot to call your own!