Micro Offices with Amenities

Ready to establish space to build your business?  Dedicated desks and private micro offices gives you that dedicated space to create.

We have dedicated desks and furnished suites for entrepreneurs ready to start tomorrow:

  • Desks with sit-stand adaptability

  • Comfortable chairs

  • Whiteboard walls

  • Shared common areas for additional collaboration

  • Meeting room and conference room available for meetings and presentations

Your new space comes with Enterprise-class wired and wireless networking ready to go— secure and dedicated to your business. No routers, equipment, or setup required. Enjoy blazing fast, rock solid wifi connections throughout the property. The system is ready for you as soon as you move in.

  • 1 Gbps wired and 802.11ac 4x4x4 MU-MIMO wifi network with your own, dedicated, isolated VLAN and wireless encryption.

  • No equipment or setup needed - just plug in via standard ethernet or connect with wifi.

  • Internet speeds are 150 Mbps up and down!

  • Your private and secure network is available throughout the entire space - including the rear patio.

  • Pre-configured to prioritize business VoIP and video conferencing solutions so your calls and web meets are buttery smooth.

Common area perks are part of your micro office rental.  Enjoy complimentary coffee, tea, and snacks.  There's also a community kitchen to chill your bag lunch if you are economizing to save up for that next step. Come collaborate with other creative professionals today! 

Currently our micro offices are booked. But if you want to get on a waiting list for the next available micro office, contact us at hello@stationsl.com or call 510-679-1651.  

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